Indonesia is the world largest archipelago. It comprises more than 17.500 islands and spreads over about 5000 kms east from west and over 1700 kms north and south of equator.

Think about thousands of beaches, hundreds of uncharted jungles, powerful rivers, active volcanoes, where you still get the chance to meet rare orangutans, proboscis monkeys, tarsiers (the tiniest primates in the world) or even Komodo dragons Indonesian people is a great mix of different ethnic, religious and linguistic origins.

The country’s really unique diving spots already sound familiar Lembeh, Bunaken Manado, Bali, Lombok, Komodo, Sangalaki, Pulau Weh, Bangai, Togians…

You can combine trips between these islands, like one week in Derawan, to swim with jellyfish, with one week in Layang Layang, , for hammer sharks lovers. Or choose spending a week with Lembeh creatures coupled with a week on Bunaken nudibranches-flowered walls, or Bangka “Untouched” dive sites. Not forgetting of course, liveaboards in Komodo, Ambon or Raja Ampat.

Let us plan and give you the best rates for your a la carte trips ; enjoy personalized service and let us be your representative to operators. Only think about diving !

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