Untouched piece of art !

Sipadan “The unexplored pearl”, said Jacques Cousteau who is one of the first ones to dive into these waters in 1989 when he realized the film ” Ghost Of The Sea Turtle ” in the famous cave cemetery of marine turtle.

Sipadan is one of Famous diving destinations for the abundance of its underwater fauna. On an average day of diving at Sipadan, you would expect to see :

At least 50 Green Turtles, a dozen sharks, large schools of Barracudas, Jacks, Snapper and Batfish et Humphead Parrot Fish……

The dives are made along a wall surrounding the island in 90 %, which falls as deep as 600 meters. The visibility extends from 15 to 30 metres, but can suddenly change. The temperature is of an average of 29 ° all year round. Dives here are accessible to all divers, some of them are drift dives, but you’ll love the marine show.

En 2004, Malaysian government asked all resort and diving operators to leave the island. This decision was taken to preserve ecosystem of Sipadan and surroundings.

Sipadan is one of Famous diving destinations for the abundance of its underwater fauna. Indeed, the diving area is protected, no more than 120 divers are allowed in the water per day, and only 14 divers per day and per resort are authorized to dive…

We have selected and tested for you several Resorts located in Mabul for every budget. From Mabul, you can dive on Sipadan and also around Mabul island, Kapalai. The majority of the resort offer unlimited diving on House Reef.

Around Mabul, the topography is different from Sipadan. Few walls, but rather dives in shallow water along reefs which slide gradually towards a sandy bottom for Mabul. Kapalai shelters artificial reefs on a sandy and slightly muddy bottom (Muck Dive), which fix the fauna and the strange creatures of the area…

Mabul and Kapalai, situated in some nautic miles length of the line Wallace, is well known for the profusion of exotic fauna, living close to the edge, where the water is rich in nutriments and food.

You can see dozens of species of Nudibranchs, Shrimps, Crabs, Eels and Fishes. The bottom tends to be sandy, so it’s not quite so “Mucky” as other Macro Sites. Rare creatures such as Blue Ring Octopus, Flambouyant Cuttlefish and Mandarin Fish can be found in the area. Also present are several species of Sea Horses and Ghost Pipefish !

Dive to Kapalai is easy and spectacular: sandy bottoms and head of coral attract a similar macro fauna that of Mabul, as well as various variety of fishes

If you have still never dived to Mabul or Sipadan, do not hesitate any more! You will not be so much disappointed the dives are amazing and magnificent…

You will have only an envy by leaving Mabul, it is to return there as quickly as possible

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