<strong>Sulawesi</strong> (also known as Celebes) is the fourth biggest island of Indonesia (covering an area of 189 035 km2), though its population only represents 7% of the whole country.

It is located about 300 km east of Borneo 200 km east of Moluques archipelago and about 600 km south of Philippines. Its terrain is rugged and mostly covered with tropical forest.

Diving in Sulawesi !

Divers will more likely visit Bunaken national park, Siladen islands and the Manado region, which has an easy access from Singapore.

Lembeh strait, east of the northern tip of Sulawesi, is one the world finest spots for « Muck Dive », diving in black sand, where live creatures you won’t see anywhere else. This photographers’ paradise is accessible by private boat with your own guide, for a very reasonable price.

Bangka islands, north of Sulawesi, also offer amazing dives. Their resorts will make you feel like a Robinson Crusoe, with just a few elements : a beach, a dock and the sea.

Togian islands in central-east Sulawesi is a far-off destination, easily accessible with liveaboards.

Some boats even sail to Sangihe islands further up north, where you will dive in the waters of an underwater volcano. Some transition liveaboards to Halmahera and Raja Ampat further east are a biodiversity must.

Asiaqua - Duyung Baru Komodo Cruise

Duyung Baru Komodo Cruise

Cruises are 7 Days 6 Nights in Komodo National Park from April to December, transition cruise Sulawesi on March & December

Duyung Baru is a small traditional Phinisi, 27m long and 5,6m wide. Volker Korth, nicknamed Vovo, owns this gorgeous boat. This passionate Divemaster, a German citizen, has been living in Indonesia for more than 15 years. Duyung Baru is his second boat and needless to say she has been thought of in the smallest details. […]

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