Mexico will reserve you unforgettable dives, on the Pacific Coast more particular…

Imagine to dive with wild dolphins, humpback whales, hammerhead sharks, big great white sharks, whale sharks, sea lions, huge manta rays on protected and healthy and colorful coral reefs full of marine life.

Revillagigedo archipelago, nicknamed rightly ” The Mexican Galápagos ” will allow you amazing meetings with mantas and wild dolphins in peaceful mid-ocean, close four volcanic islands with lunar landscapes: Roca Partida, San Benedicto, Socorro et Clarion.

The Cortez Sea reserves, as for her, too many treasures. Coral reefs lining the island of Espiritu Santo are of a sensational beauty : nudibranches, crabs, sea horses, shrimps… Permanent colonies of sea lions will accept you maybe in their submarine games and in season, the whale sharks will come to amaze you by their impressive size and their graceful movement. The benches of subm hammerhead sharks in October / November will be maybe there to dazzle you !

The island of Guadalupe, the most westerly point of Mexico, will offer you the ultimate shiver : meeting with the great white shark, and it in complete safety in adapted cages. You will see evolving this big predator calmly, in waters of a deep blue, from July till December.

Pacific coast of Mexico, is a unique place, with awesome dives, a paradise for all the wild underwater marine life lovers, join us for our Socorro cruise in April 2017 !

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