Anilao Photo Academy dive Resort

Anilao Photo Academy dive Resort

For 10 days / 9 nights, 8 Diving Days: improve your practice of Macro photography, French Dive Show Special Rate

Anilao Photo Academy is a simple, welcoming and friendly dive resort, opened in January 2017 on Mabini peninsula. It was formerly known as Anilao Photo hotel, settled next door, from 2014 to 2016.

Its main advantage is that it is not a simple resort and dive center as there are many in the area. Anilao Photo Academy (APA) is a real Academy, which offers you the opportunity to enhance your skills in underwater photography, by diving with recognized professionals, to test in real conditions a great diversity of equipment and to get to know how to use it.

Whether you are a very experienced and well-equipped photographer, or a beginner with basic equipment (APN + Torch), the APA team is ready to meet all.

Managed by Tim Ho ,an experienced instructor and photographer, famous for his incredible images shot with only a compact camera and a lamp. The APA team include big names of underwater photography from Asia, as permanent spotters and coaches, whose photos you have seen on many Facebook groups.

The resort has 12 basic but comfortable rooms, with twin or double beds, air conditioning and private bathrooms. The rooms, like the rest of the resort, are mainly equipped to accommodate photographers and their equipment, with many power outlets and working spaces for cameras and computers.

A restaurant is located on the ground floor with sea view, where meals are served 3 times a day.

Also on the ground floor, you will find a large common room for your photo equipment, with individual workstations to set up your equipment before and after dives: camera driers, sockets, rinsing tanks, pneumatic guns and a 15mbps Internet line.

Your Dive & Photos coaching in Anilao Photo Academy…

Anilao is one of the world’s famous places for Macro diving, along with Lembeh, Dauin, Tulamben or Ambon. It is also where to meet professional underwater photographers from all over the world, who come here to « shoot » Macro and Super Macro.

Guides are here to “spot” and not to manage or even guide a group of divers. You are supposed to be an experienced diver who does not need anyone to manage your air consumption or your safety (it is mainly the role of your buddy).

Their job is to find as many as “little creatures” as possible for you to photograph during the time that the dive lasts (between 60 ‘and 80′ or more). Most of the dives are done in 12 / 15m of water, with sometimes an incursion in the 22 / 25m zone to spot for example razor blade which live in the black corals at this depth limit.

The boats used are traditional Bancas. There are of course a first aid kit and a large oxygen bottle available at the club. You will have to present your certifications and dive books.

Dedicated photo equipment racks are at your disposal and allow you to test many different equipment, sometimes before anyone else : a wet lens rack, a light rack, a rack for other miscellaneous equipment. All this for free, it goes without saying.

The atmosphere is international, diving photographers come from all over the world to dive in this particular studious but unfussy atmosphere. No big egos here, whether you are a recognized photographer or an amateur, you will be treated as a friend.

BlackWater diving with Anilao Photo Academy…

During your stay at APA, you will have the opportunity of trying (probably for the first time) the “Blackwater” or “Bonfire” Dive

Blackwater diving & photography is increasing in popularity especially amongst uw photographers. It offers a new element to the underwater marine life with a previously unseen layer of life floating in the water column. Using strong underwater lighting suspended in the water at depth, marine ‘critters’ are attracted and offer new photographic opportunities.

Mainly small larval stages of marine species are enticed in and these unusual critters make amazing photographic subjects and look spectacular when these small and medium sized critters are exposed in detail.

APA (Anilao Photo Academy, has forged an abundance of knowledge in technique and apparatus and is ideally situated for the novice and experienced Blackwater photographer alike.

Offering primary Blackwater photography packages and also training in both practical and post production of image creation. With first and third quarters of the moon cycle optimum our guides and instructors offer diverse photographic understanding and opportunities.

With that Coaching Package Macro Super Macro, offer you a complementary Bonfire dive Photographie.

After tant complementary dive you will see on location if you won’t to continu to extend your knowledge with Jones Wayneuw photographe when you see this Blackwater work above.

Photo Coaching Package Macro Super Macro in Anilao Photo Academy: offer this Anilao Stay for Underwater Photographers.

Anilao Photo Academy for 10 Days 9 Nights with Experts Photographers.

We have negotiated for divers a special package, with coaching, for a total of 10 Days / 9 Nights: 3 days of coaching, 5 days of Fun Dives, which means 8 days of dives and 24 dives in all (2 boat dives + one dive from the beach / day), one special option with 32 Dives is also available. Groups for these packages are of maximum 4 photographer divers. vous propose en exclusivité des séjours réserver au Photographe Sub.

RATES 2019*:*:

1.650€ par plongeurs pour 2 plongées Bateau/jours + une plongée du bords/jour (Total de 24 Plongées)

1.850€ per divers with 3 boat/dives/day + one house reef dive/Day.(Total 32 Dives)

Request Availability’s Ecrivez-Nous

10 days / 9 nights, 8 Diving Days: improve your practice of Macro photography, from 1.650 €

  • 10 Days 9 Nights 8 days Diving Days
  • 3 days Coaching with Experts spotter photographer
  • 5 days of Fun Dives boat and house reef, with your spotter to improve your photographic skills
  • Option #1: 24 dives in all (2 boat dives + one dive from the beach / day)
  • Option #2 with 32 Dives salme program + One nighet Dive every day
  • One free Bonfire dive complemetary from Asiaua.

Anilao Photo Academy Welcome you in 12 Rooms :

Anilao Photo Academyhas 12 rooms, all basic but spacious. They all have air-con. They have private bathrooms with hot water, double or twin beds, some have sea view, others garden view.

Our knowledge of the premises will allow us to get you the best room available at the time of your reservation.


  • Double Rooms: With 1 double bed, aircon, Private en-suite bathrooms with hot water shower. Cabinet, shelves & mirror, Big computer table pluggs foirt devices.
  • Twin Rooms: With 2 singles beds, aircon, Private en-suite bathrooms with hot water shower. Cabinet, shelves & mirror, Big computer table pluggs foirt devices.
For 10 days / 9 nights, 8 Diving Days: improve your practice of Macro photography, French Dive Show Special Rate


Anilao Photo Academy for 10 Days 9 Nights with Experts Photographers:

We offer these turnkey coaching stays including: AR transfers between Manila airport and Resort, full board accommodation, 3 days of Coaching with Ivan Manzanares, and 5 days of Fun Dives.

During your stay you will have 3 days of course : theory in the morning before diving, practice in the day and debriefing in the evening with post production of pictures taken.

Courses for beginners mainly focus on the use of light in macro photography :

D-1 Natural light;
D-2 Torches use in Macro photography;
D-3 Strobes use.

For more experienced photographers, courses will focus on advanced techniques :

D-1 Using a single strobe;
D-2 Combination of strobes and Torches in Macro Photo;
D-3 Multiple light sources and light effects.

If you are already familiar with these techniques, courses will focus on the topics you want to improve : use of wet lenses, light effects (backlightning, snoot, etc…).

Classes will always be adapted to your level and equipment.

After the morning theory, you will leave by boat with your coach for 2 dives a day. These dives are guided and you will have the choice of sites according to the creatures you want to meet. Your coach who will serve you as a spotter, he will make you discover the incredible wildlife of Anilao and allow you to bring back images such as those that you see in magazines or specialized websites.

In the afternoon, you can either work on your photos, or relax or dive on the house reef, very rich and full of fixed wildlife and macro creatures. In the evening you can test the Bonfire Photography and acquire the basic skills for taking pictures of the plankton.

The exact schedule will depend on your level of photography and the equipment you use, your arrival and departure times from Manila. We will make you an offer as soon as you let us know your wishes.

  • Hotel / airport transfers to the resort on arrival / departure days.
  • Accommodation in Double, or Twin rooms ensuite bathroom, air con
  • Full board (all 3 meals), water, tea, coffee, at the Dive Resort
  • Les 3 Jours Photo coaching days acadfemic and praticers sessions
  • Local Entry Permit
  • Dives: 2 guided boat dives in the morning, 1 dive on the house reef in the afternoon.
  • Local Entry Permit
  • Tanks, weight and weight belt

Non Inclus:

  • Flights, visas
  • Alcohol and soft drinks
  • Additional dives (+ 200 € for a total of 32 dives).
  • Blackwaterr dive & Coaching dives (ask for special offer).
  • Full equipment: 1.300Php/Day
  • Tips
  • Diving Insurance (mandatory) temporary contract available
  • Travel Insurance (highly recommended)
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